A silhouette of boat with the pilgrims on their short journey to Sangam

An eternal nomad that I am, how better do I keep alive the memories of the sights that moved, amazed, intrigued and overwhelmed me than pictures.

TMN ( The Meta Narratives ) is about narratives, all those individual narratives that make the grand narrative. Visual elemets to any story makes it more comprehensive and imagination of a reader more realistic .

Earlier I took photographs because the frames were aesthetically pleasing . With time my eyes look for frames that can make a narration more visual and bring a imagination of the narration closer to the real story. There are times when words fail me and I have no other go but to take aid of my camera to express and articulate my experience. Until now most of my posts have visual moments captured in frames that aid the narration  I plan to keep it that way for a while to come. Lets see how far am I able to do that.


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