♫ The power of Music ♫

I go through my share of high, upbeat and beautiful  days and smaller but a felt share of  down, deep in dungeon states too.

In the dungeon days, earlier I sought for external support, from friends and other near ones. As time passes, a self healing process seems to be lot better an approach. There is very little effort one has to put to make self understand about their own turmoils. 🙂 .  Of course this process of reconciliation and healing of self is not completely by myself. There is a big aid in this process, music.  I either sing by myself or listen to music compositions that come to my mind or something I happen to listen during the troubled times. This is not a very unique process, most of people I know do it unconsciously. Until few months ago, even I would have to remind myself – “listen to something” and that was enough to see me through the blue days and come out of it all happy and optimistic about everything life. But it was not a very conscious process. Now the attempt is more conscious.

This post is not to praise myself of this ability to get out of lows with the help of music, but to share about a beautiful school that takes this approach to reach out to children from troubled backgrounds. This was a movement initiated by José Antonio Abreu. He talks about this initiative at TED in 2009.

The school that he started in Mexico is called The El Sistema. There is another school by the same folks now in  United States of America as well . I smile with pride and joy when I see these children from El Sistema perform.

I indulge in arts ( paint, sketch), music and yet I never realised that these so called “softer forms” of practice have a powerful bearing on the work done to people and situations that needs the most attention and care.  Art and music is much needed in places where there is and was trouble. It is not something only the elite need to indulge in. It is more needed  and  is quite a powerful instrument to address the problems of the world. As most problems of the world are problems of living beings who have hearts and minds.

Of course we need  – houses, water, food and all the necessities to meet basic needs. But it really matters to the world that each and every individual in this world  is happy within themselves. That makes them capable of facing their challenges and struggles of life gracefully without causing pain to themselves or others.