Love and Work, Series

This year’s start for me was again in transit. Most of the year beginnings since 2007 ( except last two years)  have been either in a train or a bus. There is a saying in our culture -“what you do in  first day of a year is what you mostly do through the year”. This saying has stood true in my experience too. This year the beginning was on a flight followed by a frantic chase to get an auto in the middle of the night to get to a station from there a train to home ( which is Raipur these days).  It has been quite a bit of travel since then ( Not that December was any better, but January only got even more busier).

I thought if this is how my year is going to be, there are going to be a lot of things I experience and witness and that may go past me in a whoosh! So this Love and Work series is something I am trying out to get my thoughts and reflect on my days in the month at least once. A post on an idea seems like a far fetched thing, given my travel schedules and general work load.

(  Actually the name for the series could be Love my Work rather than Love and Work. But Love and Work is a track from the movie – The Intern – that quite gently captures my life as it is right now. I love my work and for me love and work are not different, for me everything is just about living. This track comes close in capturing the juggling I am required to do between different roles – an intern to my mentor ( in agriculture), WASH Country Coordinator, life partner and all other roles that come along with being married. But don’t worry, I am going to bore you with my personal life! 🙂  Also Love and Work sounds much nicer, isn’t it? )

As I write this, I have had two days off at home, quietly unwinding by sleeping, cleaning and getting few things going on the home front. I have begun to note down things to discuss and mull over in a Moleskin notebook gifted to me by a friend. Before these thoughts and things that I consider are worth learning about become irrelevant, I would like to share here for the sake of cataloging my experiences this year and get my partner to respond on his blog  and also share with friends who now live far away nowadays.

So I guess, I will be doing at least one post a month in that frequency along with other thoughts that are  really competing enough to get me writing a blog successfully.


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