The WORLD : Brexit, Trump, Italian vote against constitutional ammendament referendum and finally the Austrian rejection of Norbert Hofer, Syrian war on IS rebels – Allepo and the trobuled Rohingyas of Myanmar.

In India : Our own Amma in critical condition in Tamil Nadu, demonitization stories – of people loosing lives, IB chasing black money horders, stealers of new currency hoarders and a dash of regular rape reporting , Kashmir  and Heart of Asia – Isthanbul process – improving Afghanistan -India relationship.

I have been very irregular with news and read what flashes on some news apps on my phone. But never spent conciously to read news. I have been trying to do that for few days now. Above bits is what my head is filled with now.

When I read the news every morning, I start to crack my fingers toes, back, neck and all crackable parts in my body. But I work in a space where I better be aware of where the world is going, so that the work I do is meaninful in the larger context and also some possibility to imporve my business. But, its not a very plessant feeling to be in a world that is closing up into a shell and moving from a globalized world to a individual- nationalist one. It is a move from universality to individuality every way.  From our own daily lives to the country level this is the direction we are moving in.

When one thinks of what could come of the world the stomach churns. But in the larger scheme of the things if one sees , the cycle of opening up and closing up of worlds have been happening for ever. To break this cycle , we need a evolved humanity. How is that to happen, I wonder!