The scent of our cities

A little sensible and a practical post on whats up with waste and how it is  to be tackled and how it is done now in Bangalore by Amrtha.

Amrtha works at Arghyam Foundation as a project manager. She manages a number of rural water and sanitation projects funded by the foundation.

The scent of our cities.


Data and narrative

I like to fiddle with data and see the story that data produces. But how far can one believe in the data story, leave aside the question of the data being credible. For the sake of this argument lets believe for once that the data we have to analyze is credible. 

Analysing data helps one to build an outline that otherwise is difficult to arrive at because of the vastness of a subject/situation  and the number of parameters that have a effect on the subject of analysis. Data helps build that outline. But data can not be the “be all and end all” of any analysis. The subjective narratives have a strong role to play in perfecting or altering the outline built by data. They validate the outline built by data. 

In this age of data and big data, I think it is as much important to take into note the what the subjective narratives say. Otherwise the picture built by data could be far from reality.