UK, first impressions


UK, first impressions, a set on Flickr.

I am visiting UK on work. I never have been very excited  to visit Europe ever. I have always wanted to visit the colorful Africa and vibrant South America. But few of my friends have dreamt of traveling and visiting Europe and imagining what this country would have been in the past. This flick album is to share glimpses of what I see with them.

My unwillingness has been because of the prejudices I carried about people from this origin. But this visit to UK has just made me realize that people are people across the world. They being warm or cold or uptight or easy is just what they are on the surface. There is more to people than their surface appearance.

I am having a lovely time in the UK in the coldest time of the year. Even folks here find their days cold. I always thought if you are born in a cold country, you will be used  to the cold weather and wont miss the Sun as much. But it seems to be not so. This also makes folks here take weather report quite seriously. In India, we friends make a lot of fun of the weather reporters on TV and the forecast reports on the newspaper. We make fun of weather reporters saying “No matter how much you smile and present weather cheerfully  no-one really is interested”, and the joke about weather reports on newspapers being that – what ever the reports forecast, the  weather will be completely the reverse of that. This second part seems to be true here too. The weather forecast here was dry and sunny day today, it was a wet and cloudy day.  I also believe its because of shorter days, people make use of all the available avenues to keep themselves upbeat about life. The avenues people choose to keep themselves engaged is theater,plays, opera, music concerts and parties. This is how I think, how weather is the biggest contributor to the culture of this hemisphere. And now I know why the British talk a lot about the weather over a cup of tea!

In between work, I walk during lunch, or early in the morning before I leave for work taking pictures.  Pictures of the dry naked trees with all its leaves fallen off, the old Victorian buildings in all shades of cremes, clean roads, a orderly lined up small cars, people following road rules, people cycling, graphite art and lack of high rises is all very amusing to me.


DETAIL TALK: Ends and Means: Prof. G.D.Agrawal’s fast to save Ganga


This is a post we wrote in July 2010 on our old blog , when Prof. G.D.Agarwal went on a fast unto death to save Ganga. This is what we thoughts about his decision then. We felt (and still feel) that he could have helped the situation (saving & cleaning Ganges) in other forms, like…

DETAIL TALK: Ends and Means: Prof. G.D.Agrawal’s fast to save Ganga

Bhopal, Central India, a set on Flickr.

Its been a while since I did some photography, and editing my photos. This is the set of photos I took while I was in Bhopal (August 2012), a city in Central India for a day long visit. 

Something about small towns in India, that leave me smiling. People are easy going, warm, un-agitated. I was worried before I started for Bhopal, as the stereotypical belief in India that Central India is not a safe place for a woman to travel by herself. My experience, although short, was quite contrary to my belief and apprehensions. 

Children playing at the waterfont of mosque

Men overlooking Uppar Lake

Darul Uloom Tajul Masjid

Taj-ul Masjid

Bhopal in short for me is … warm people, magnificent and beautiful mosques, huge lakes, reflective muslim men, charming Bhopali sumas, decorated autorickshaws and buses, highly populated, good food,bad roads, easy air, lacking in basic services to all, remains of one of the most fatal air pollution accidents of India…